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Let the software do the work

Our Learning Suite fills the gaps in association credential management. We help you build automated and personalized learning pathways for every member, and any program. 

Start now: One integrated Credential Management solution

With our full Learning Suite, you can guide members throughout their learning journey (and they don’t miss any deadlines).

It has everything you need to manage your credentialing programs like a pro, from automating members’ recertification journeys to assigning and verifying badges for every milestone.

Up-to-date Credentials Directory

Embed this easy-to-search, branded member directory to any site.

It automatically updates to make tracking and verification of your members’ credentials a breeze. No more clunky updates, no more manual tracking.

Course Delivery made simple

Build your online learning site in just one day.

Share multimedia course content directly from the cloud for any point in your learner’s journey. Then track their progress with built-in engagement reporting tools.


The learning landscape:

Guide members

“Incorporating Cloud Generation Learning into our tech stack means more opportunity for improving education programs for our members, while retaining critical information and infrastructure that’s at the core of our mission.”

 -Marc Thompson, Executive Director, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)


We’re on a mission to build products that
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Our apps fill the gaps in your existing ecosystem
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