Credential Management

Customize your credentialing journey

Every certification journey is different – time to offer a truly customized experience.

How organizations use it

Build personalized certification pathways

Meet your members’ unique needs with curated learning journeys that improve engagement and program compliance.

Prompt learners to certify (and recertify)

Guide members through their journey with easy-to-understand dashboards and progress indicators. Ensure no one misses a deadline with automated status updates and reminders.

Gain visibility and increase accuracy

Dashboards and interactive reports give you critical insight into learners’ progress, helping enhance programs and inform business decisions. Standardized, automated processes reduce errors and improve consistency.

a full member picture with existing data

Improve programs with built-in integrations

Credential management made easy – pull data from your AMS/CRM, community and testing center to inform workflows, maintain consistent records across platforms and enhance reporting.

flexible rules, automated control

Automate what matters with our powerful rules engine

Leave complex spreadsheets and manual tracking behind. Our rules engine empowers you to automate administrative tasks, streamline your programs and communicate regularly with your learners.

badges, dashboards and online learning

Enhance your learner experience

Let learners track exactly what they’ve completed and what remains to be done. Engage them with interactive courses. Reward them with unlimited verifiable credentials, featuring your branded badge and certificate designs.