Learning Suite

Solutions that Stack

Fill the gaps in your learning programs, whether it’s a certification course, professional license, or full credentialing program. Start with our Credentials Directory and Course Delivery Apps, or jump into our full Learning Suite for all the bells and whistles.

How organizations use it

Track + verify credentials

Assign and verify badges when any user achieves a milestone in your program, large or small.


Deliver learning courses + content

Build a learning site in just one day with resources you already have, for on-demand and at-your-own-pace learning.

Prompt learners to recertify

Automate the recertification journey for a smoother process, easier member and program tracking, and cleaner data.

Up-to-date credentials directory

Verify members’ certification status

Easy to search, Credentials Directory can be built into any site with public and private access settings.

  • No more clunky updates or manual tracking
  • Tools to validate credentials, large or small
  • Integrates with LinkedIn and leading badge + certification platforms

course delivery made simple

Bring digital content directly to your learners

Upload courses in literal minutes, with your content all tagged, organized, and available to the proper groups. It’s on demand and at your own pace learning.

  • Use resources you already have
  • User-friendly interface to view courses, track progress + view an interactive transcript
  • Dive into real-time dashboards to measure course engagement

one integrated credential management solution

Automate the recertification journey

Guide members through their recertification journey so they don’t miss any deadlines.

  • Prompts + pre-built rules guide admins through setting up any program (set it + forget it)
  • Track member progress within any stage to analyze + optimize, as well as across multiple programs
  • Members can peruse, track + manage all of their programs and achievements in one place