Meet The Team

We are
Cloud Generation.

You may have noticed most of us are Higher Logic alumni or close friends of the association space. That collective experience of building and growing alongside our association and community partners is integral to why we’re here and together now. It’s an ever-evolving landscape, and we want to keep building the technology that will grow and evolve with you. 

Heather McNair

Chief Executive Officer

Heather McNair has centered her career around developing loyal customers for over 20 years, with experience across the association, software and publishing industries. She is passionate about using technology to increase customer and member engagement and retention. Prior to helping found Cloud Generation, Heather served as the Chief Community Officer at Higher Logic, leading customer success, education, R&D and strategy, and is regarded as a pioneer in online communities. Before joining Higher Logic, Heather launched and managed two successful communities in leadership roles at the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination and the Medical Group Management Association. 

When not at her laptop, you can usually find Heather looking like a mad scientist in the kitchen, experimenting with a new recipe or craft cocktail, or in her garden nurturing her “plant babies.” 

Lee Weinstein

Co-founder, Board Member

Lee has built his 35+ year leadership career with an emphasis on business and partnership development and is always searching for the win-wins. He thrives at the intersection of software development and client management and operations, having built, run, and sold technology companies from the ground up. His leadership expertise extends to member-based organizations, most recently as the Founder and CEO of Newbridge Turing, a technology sales and partnership consulting firm. Lee is a past Chair of the ASAE Tech Council, as well as Chair of the ASAE Industry Partner Alliance (IPA). Prior to joining Cloud Generation, Lee was a Partner and President of Syscom Services, Inc., as well as President and Owner of Automated Digital Systems (ADS).

When not helping others tackle technology, Lee’s busy traveling the world with his family – he’s covered all 50 states and 7 continents – and giving back to his community with several DC-area charities.

Rob Wenger

Co-founder, Chairman of the Board

Rob is a successful entrepreneur and business executive with an outstanding 25+ year track record in building, growing and leading high-tech companies. Across businesses, associations and nonprofits, he works to positively impact each client’s success using smart, collaborative technology. Most recently, Rob was Founder and CEO of Higher Logic, where he led the company through unprecedented growth and multiple acquisitions. 

When not inventing the next great collaboration tool, Rob is hanging out with his kids and planning their next great skiing adventure.

Conor Sibley

Co-founder, Board Member

Conor has spent the past two decades building influential companies where he designed and managed internet scale platforms. He developed his in-depth knowledge implementing emerging technologies and leading multiple successful M&A activities as an executive at startups, enterprises, consulting organizations, as well as with various branches of the military and intelligence community. 

Previously Conor was the Chief Technology Officer at Higher Logic.  In the past, he served as a Network Security Engineer with BBN Technologies, the organization that architected the Internet and first email technologies.​

In his free time outside of ushering in the future of WEB2 & WEB3 technologies, Conor is bouncing around wrangling a house full of kids he refers to as his wild animals.

Caitlin Struhs

Content + Communications Advisor

Caitlin is a storyteller. She’s helped non-profits, national trade associations, and private companies creatively tell their stories and build up their brands. She has practical experience as a copywriter, editor, product and content marketer, brand strategist, and corporate communicator. Before joining Cloud Generation, Caitlin was an Account & Brand Manager with Pulp+Wire, a creative and digital agency, and led content and communications at Higher Logic. 

When not cooking up new content, find Caitlin renovating her spooky old Victorian house or traversing the Maine mountains with her husband and their clumsy canine Crash Bandicoot. 

Marina Devalia

Marketing Advisor

Marina is an experienced marketing leader with an entrepreneurial edge. With a talent for building effective marketing teams and operations in the enterprise SaaS industry, she is constantly exploring new avenues to optimize the revenue marketing engine and bridging the gap between marketing and sales. Her track record covers both strategic thinking and creative action, with a particular love for developing revenue-focused marketing frameworks and delivering campaigns with high lead generation and conversion rates. Prior to joining Cloud Generation as a founding member, she held Marketing leadership roles at two DC-based SaaS companies: Phone2Action and Higher Logic. 

When Marina is not busy doing her Marketing magic, she is constantly running after her two little daughters, Mila and Coco, while her husband just tries to keep up.