Course Delivery

Simple LMS

Sometimes a simple solution is best – meet Course Delivery. This tool covers the basics as a lightweight LMS.

How organizations use it

Build a learning site in just one day

This is on-demand and at-your-own-pace learning – quick to build for you, simple to dive right in for learners.

Easily share + upload any multimedia content

Grab what you need and hit upload. And it’s all tagged, organized, and available to the proper groups.

Track engagement with real-time reporting

Learning tools at the ready, making it easy to review content and stay on top of learners’ progress.

learning resources at the ready

Quick and easy to set up with resources you already have

You’ll have a friendly user interface in no time, where learners can see available and completed courses, track progress, and view an interactive transcript.

learning setup in literal minutes

Supports all common types of multimedia content

Set up your courses or learning site securely in literal minutes using preexisting resources like SCORM files, course creation platforms, YouTube videos, PowerPoint slides… (you get it).

track the right course data

Dashboards with real-time updates to measure course engagement

Review your most popular content, track abandonment and fail rates, and revisit materials that just aren’t resonating.