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Scalable learning for a modern attention span

Scalable learning for a modern attention spans [Partner Webinar Recap]

Scalable learning for a modern attention span [Partner Webinar Recap]

Scalable learning for a modern attention span

Wait, what were we talking about again?

We have enough competition for eyeballs in this age of distractions. So how do we keep learners engaged, processes simple, and non-dues revenue rolling in? We were lucky enough to partner with Association Analytics for a webinar about scalable learning strategies for a modern attention span.

Watch our own Chief Customer Officer Heather McNair and Association Analytics’ SVP of Strategy and Solutions Bill Conforti below – they shared ways you can keep automation and personalization simple without having to reinvent the wheel. Heather and Bill also unpacked whether we’re unknowingly creating obstacles that cause learners to drop out along their journey, as well as which analytics to track (with tools you may already have).

Watch the recording while following along with summary notes (look at that – we already took notes for you).

Webinar recap: where are we now, and how can we scale?

My, look how we’ve grown! (evolution of personalization)

  • Personalization maturity model: it’s about meeting members where they are in their journey
  • It’s rarely a nice, clean curve – remember the Plinko game on Price Is Right? The puck can move in any direction, so let’s expect that from our member journeys
  • Most associations are still at the beginning of this model – how can we take steps to progress?
  • Netflix and Spotify dominate on behavior-based recommendations right now – more than 75% of Netflix’s activity is driven by their personalization and similarities engine

From head to toe (bespoke experiences are the future)

  • Truly customized, personalized products can be tricky and resource draining, but that doesn’t mean we can’t aim high – it’s about looking at our programs with fresh eyes
  • Converse provides a great experience to play with “building” a pair of shoes
  • Example: it’s a challenge to track average course completion rates (usually we hover around 10-15%, but we can bump that up to 90% when we identify better engagement techniques)

Let’s take a journey (or three) together

  • Three stages of certification: identify, keep them motivated, and ensure recertification – are we leaving any of these to chance?
  • Example: delivering online exams used to be a big obstacle, but now we’re seeing folks sticking with it, per recent survey data from the Institute of Credentialing Excellence
  • You can’t effectively personalize communications and create bespoke experiences if you’re only seeing part of the picture – we need to make decisions based on multiple data sources
  • Example: we shouldn’t send a “We miss you” email to a member because they haven’t registered for events, if they’re active in the online community

Oh, sweet rewards (recognizing members)

  • Everyone loves recognition – but it’s a two-way street
  • More badges = more awareness for your certification program
  • Make it easy, make it frequent, and make it public (share those badges around)

Showing off (measuring our success)

Some up-and-coming customer/member experience and engagement metrics you should explore:

  • Renewal rates
  • Satisfaction scores
  • Lifetime value
  • Referrals
  • Course review sentiment
  • Inflection points in member journey